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With a sigh, Alicia stood from the chair she had taken while she and Warrington had their "chat". Actually, it had been more of an interrogation on her part, and a long one at that. Twisting, she cracked the kinks out of her back before turning back to him, rubbing her stiff neck. "Thank you, Cassius. I know it's not the most... pleasant of subjects, but that information will really go a long way clearing some things up after this whole... mess of a battle. Although speaking of which," and here she grinned slightly, recalling when they had met on the field, "I never knew you were skilled at knife-fighting. Wish I knew sooner."

Truth be told, Cassius wasn't one who enjoyed interrogations a good deal. Blabbing about his personal life was certainly not one of his habits, and especially with how, up until very recently, letting the wrong parties know the wrong information would have been deadly, he wasn't very happy that it had been necessary for the interview. Although he knew that Spinnet had good intentions, he couldn't resist saying rather snarkily in response to her last statement, "Well. Funny isn't it, how that little fact managed to escape my mentioning in our frequent, friendly and intimate chats. How bizarre." He raised his eyebrows at her in a slightly sardonic manner, even though his voice was cool.

She snorted in response to this. "You? Friendly and intimate? Maybe with Maya when I'm not looking, but other than that, those words and you don't belong in the same sentence, let alone the same thought process."

He smirked in response to that. "Oh, would you rather I have said 'sweet and fluffy' somehow in conjunction with my own name, terrify you into running screaming from this room, and Terence come to the conclusion that I had somehow caused emotional trauma to his girlfriend and pout at me in a most infuriating manner until I am forced to turn his hair pink?"

Crossing her arms, Alicia scowled at him. "While I might be frightenly scarred for life at the thought of you having anything remotely to do with the words 'sweet' and 'fluffy', I can take care of myself, thank you so very much. I don't go running to Ter over every little thing."

"It would be terrible if you did," Warrington remarked lazily, "As Terence has the habit of running to ME when things aren't going his way."

"I would think that would be a sign of how much he trusts you!" Alicia snapped in Ter's defense.

Warrington raised a hand defensively, "Oh, it's all right. I usually don't have problems with Terence coming to me... but I suppose that the line must be drawn at trying to help him soothe and comfort his girlfriend." He kept his face somewhat straight, but there was a glint of amusement in his eyes. Well, despite... things, it was still the occasional lark to bait a Gryffindor.

The glare she cast him would have done the same damage as the Killing Curse if it had been sent at anyone besides Cassius Warrington. "For starters, he would NOT need you to help him; Ter always knows how to treat me. Second of all, I don't think there's much that YOU could do to calm ME down!"

"I am well aware," he almost laughed aloud. Here she was, spazzing (for lack of a better term) at him about his lack of ability to calm her down, while he was actively baiting her, and rather enjoying it. "Therefore, realizing that it's not one of my strong suits, I wouldn't try to."

"Well, at least I can credit you with being intelligent," Ali said, trying very hard not to pout as he had described Ter doing. Almost as if he had known he'd been included in their thoughts, the door to Warrington's office cracked open, Terence's face just outside, and Maya's just below his. "What do you suppose is taking them so long?" Ter muttered.

Maya peered in, took one glance at Cassius, and shook her head. Whispering in Terence's ear, she said dryly, "Cassius entertaining himself."

Taking another good look and the amused look in his cousin's eye and the stiff posture of his girlfriend's, Terence swallowed as he realized Maya was right... and Ali was getting rather riled up. "Oh boy... this could get ugly." He paused. "Want to watch?"

Maya gave Terence a reproachful look, trying not to smirk. "You're saying that you aren't going to jump to your girlfriend's defense before Cassius finally makes her lose her temper?"

"Are you kidding? And have her unleash her fury on ME instead? I think not... 'sides, I'm sure Cassius has handled worse. If not... well, maybe he deserves to meet something he can't handle for a change," he added with a snicker.

Maya gave him a slightly thin smile, raising her eyebrows almost challengingly, "Am I to assume, then, that if Alicia does lose her temper and in a moment of blind fury lashes out in an attempt to maim your poor cousin, you would watch and laugh?"

Terence arched his own eyebrows, mirroring her expression. "Ye of little faith! Ali has a good sense of control, so I highly doubt she'd go THAT far. Cass, as you well know, usually can take care of himself... and if worst comes to worst, I of course will keep my girlfriend from doing something rash."

"Or in other words," Maya said wryly, "You're not going to do anything to piss off your girlfriend right now, because that would mean no sex for Terence, among other unpleasant things."

Giving her a mock bow, Ter smirked impishly. "You know me too well, dear Maya. So then... shall we?"

"Shall we what?" Maya asked, eyeing Cassius and Alicia in the room, the former looking more and more amused as the latter looked more and more irate.

Grinning, he waved his wand and two containers popped softly into the air in front of him. Handing her one, she saw that they were filled with popcorn. "Enjoy the show of course," he said evilly.

Maya took the popcorn from him and shook her head again. "How do both of the ones in there put up with you? Incorrigible..."

"Lovable, sexy, handsome," he finished for her. "They find a way, never you fear." He gave her a rougish wink, tossing a few popcorn kernels into his mouth while listening intently as he saw Ali bristle at whatever Cass was saying now. Oh, the boy really knew how to get under a Gryffindor's fur...

"Well, someone here doesn't have any confidence problems, that's for sure," Maya remarked almost to herself. Seeing Alicia's increasingly murderous expression, she sighed. "I've a feeling she's just about had it."

In fact, Cassius had started smirking openly. "No, Spinnet. The impression that you may have gotten that I disrespect, dislike, or otherwise treat Gryffindors unfairly due to their house... is entirely your own doing. Despite beliefs to the contrary, I am not Professor Snape." He waved an arm expansively at the neat classroom, "See, no cauldrons, no strings of feathers and herbs and fangs, no pickled Gryffindor students..."

Alicia rolled her eyes. "Snape just carries a grudge for too damn long. It's like he has a chip in his shoulder and is determined to make generations of Gryffindors suffer for it. You, on the other hand, probably relish being able to put the Gryffindors down whenever you can..."

Warrington gave her an infuriatingly smarmy grin, "Actually, I behave much the same way towards most everyone. It just so happens that Gryffindors, sadly, seem to be less adept at tolerating it."

"Oh, gee, let me wonder why," Ali said with false curiosity. "Maybe it's because every Slytherin professor we come up against has it totally out for us?"

"Now, now, Spinnet," Warrington laughed, "I don't have it OUT for you... why such belligerence? You're merely unused to our ways, but let me assure you, if I WERE 'out for you', it would be a rather different scenario."

Maya, who'd heard the last exchange, sighed. "Ah, the classic..." she said softly, "The war between the opposing factions might have come to an end... but Gryffindors and Slytherins will always have... different ways of doing things and thinking. Which I think Cassius is taking great advantage of, at the moment..."

Unaware of Terence nodding to Maya's comment right outside the door, (and munching away on popcorn on top of it all,) Alicia met Cassius challenge, unintentional or no, with a stern look. "And how, pray tell, would it be different?"
ProfWarrington: "Well..." Cassius pretended to ponder all this, before smirking down at the young woman, "Although that would depend on what awful thing you might have done to incite my... desire to wreak havoc upon your life... or whatever it is, I suppose the least I would do would be to behave in a far less benevolent fashion. If you had merely done something distasteful that no one else was willing to call you out for, I'd probably put a stop to whatever it was that you were doing, thoroughly. If, however, you were actually causing significant harm to certain people... well. Then, anything's possible."

Her temper nearly boiling over at his complete... snarkiness and confidence, Alicia planted her fists on her hips, exchanging a glare for his smirk. "Rest assured, Cassius Warrington, that will never be the case. Not because I mind the idea of challenging you, which I wish to make it clear that I don't, but because I would never do anything 'distasteful' as you so charmingly put it nor cause anyone harm unless they deserved and I had a damn good reason to do so!"

"Lovely of you to reassure me of your intended good behaviour," Warrington replied with a grin, "I am most pleased and flattered to hear that you don't intend to cause undue trouble for me. Very considerate of you, I'm sure."

"That's almost more an insult than anything," Maya murmured to Terence, "A Slytherin COMPLIMENTING a Gryffindor. Should we intervene now, or is your chaos-loving self still too busy enjoying the show?"

Terence took one look at the fire of his girlfriend's flaming temper before getting rid of his empty popcorn bucket with a small "pop" from his wand. "Now," he told her softly before opening the door all the way, coughing slightly to get his amused cousin and ticked off lover's attention. "Ali, love... I know what you're thinking... keep those daggers where they are."

Alicia whirled on him, her temper not at all appeased. "You were listening??"

"Only a little bit," he said quickly. "But really... please remember that this man IS family to me and I really don't want to see him dead..."

Scowling, she muttered, "That's the ONLY reason why haven't done anything to him... yet."

"I must be losing my touch, if you've been this patient thus far," Cassius remarked idly, earning glares from all the other people in the room. He didn't seem too affected by any of this. "And Spinnet, I'm not that easy to kill."

"Duly noted," Alicia growled. "If you've survived THIS long and are still breathing, then I think that classifies you as 'Difficult to Kill'... Doesn't say a thing about hard it is to maim you though..."

At this outburst, Cassius stared at her for a moment, than started to laugh. "Well then... now that all malevolent intentions are out in the open... Terence, I commend you. I wholly approve of her and am confident that you will have a good life with this person of your choice. After all, she shall be able to make you behave."

Startled by Warrington's reaction, (and the fact that she had never seen him laugh before,) Alicia could only stare, her arms dropping to her sides as her anger vanished. Terence, on the other hand, pouted, now taking his turn at crossing his arms defensively. "You make it sound like I never behave on my own. I can so! I just... do so more around Ali..." he added sheepishly.

Maya, who'd remained, almost shyly, at the door, shook her head. "Cassius, do stop deliberately aggravating Gryffindors, as fun as it is, although... Terence, he does have a point. If she weren't able to wrap you around her little finger like that, you wouldn't love her half as much anyway, and don't even deny it."

All eyes fell on Terence and he felt it. Shifting uncomfortably, he finally rubbed the back of his head before asking, meekly, "Am I that see-through?"

Although she found this new fact HIGHLY amusing, Ali was more touched by the fact that this his off-handed way of saying 'Yeah, I love her.' Feeling rather warm, but no longer because of her temper, she moved closer to him and gave him a slight nudge with her arm. "C'mon... I don't make it THAT hard for you, do I?"

"Well... YOU don't..." was Ter's reply with a slight smirk, eyeing Warrington and Maya.

Cassius smirked at his cousin, "Well then... shall we leave you alone?"

Terence's smirk blossomed into a grin. "Perish the thought, Cassius old friend. It's not so hard for me to behave around Ali because I have YOU two," he motioned to Maya as well, "keep me in line otherwise."

"Our duties," Maya said dryly, "Although I'm sure that Cassius for one is glad that there is someone else around to keep you in line."

"Which means I'll be indirectly doing Warrington a favor. Lovely," Alicia remarked, equally dry. Terence only sniggered, laying an arm across her shoulders. "Oh, I think he deserves a break... he has been putting up with me for how many years now...?"

"Too true," Warrington smirked, "I should thank you, Spinnet. And as a token of appreciation, I won't subject you to any more of my presence for the time being, so you won't have to be seething with rage and so on and so forth."

"You're too kind," Ali replied, but her sarcasm eased up a bit. "One of these days I'll get used to your snarkasm..."

"One of these days," Warrington agreed easily, "It will be a slow and painful process, more likely than not." But, saying so, he gave both her and Terence a brief nod, and walked out of his room.
SageFlamewrith: Alicia's gaze followed him out as he paused only for Maya to join him. As soon as he was out of earshot, she rolled her eyes and growled, "Snarky son of a..."

"Now, now, love," Ter cut in, pulling her towards him with the arm draped on her shoulders while petting her hair with his free hand. "We need to work on that temper of yours."

Arching her brow as she slipped her arms around his waist, she asked, almost-but-not-quite-coyly, "And what would you suggest, Mr. Higgs?"

He looked down at her and said in a completely serious voice. "By getting you to vent your pent up energy in another useful fashion... and what better way to do that a lovely shag with yours truly? Alas... while personally I think it would be rather fun to shag right here on the desk... Cassius would kill me. Among other things... so why don't we head back to my rooms, eh?" This last bit was touched up with his classic eybrow waggle.

Rather bemused at how Terence's slightly bawdy humour could never fail to amuse her, while his cousin's biting wit could similarly never fail to irritate her, Alicia grinned and followed her boyfriend out, and the Defense classroom was empty once more.

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