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July 4, 1998

Pop! Pop! Two people, a man and a woman, Apparated to the gates of the Dobbs' residence on a sunny morning. The young man glanced about, before moving towards the wrought iron gate and pulling the bell cord, his female companion at his side. They stood still and watched as an unfamiliar woman walked out of the house and approached the gate.

"Who are you?" demanded Shelley Locke, stalking out of the front doors of the house. She was under strict orders not to let anyone in the house, as the Ministry feared there might still be un-caught Death Eaters lurking about, ready to seek their revenge on the young girl who now solely inhabited the house. "This is a private residence," she informed the two through the gate, "and it's not for trespassers. Whatever you're selling is not wanted."

Warrington raised an eyebrow at the woman, "We're not SELLING anything, miss. We're acquainted with the young lady who lives here."

Shelley raised an eyebrow, as Emma had not particularly mentioned anyone alive that she knew, other than her Irish beau in passing, and she more than slightly suspicious. "And how, might I ask, do you know of her? Perhaps you heard about her in your little meetings?" she raised an eyebrow, feeling braver than she ought.

Warrington gave an eye roll. "Hardly, unless Defense lessons counted as 'little meetings', which I wouldn't say, as they involved quite a great number of students most of the time."

"Are you a Professor?" Shelley crossed her arms, still unconvinced.

"Well, that was the implication," Warrington's voice was bland, "I'm certainly not the bartender at the Shifty Niffler pub."

Emma, upstairs in her room, happened by the window as she placed a few old books in box sitting on her bed. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the the three figures at the gate and she squinted. Shelley seemed to be conversing with a tall, dark man and a younger woman....oh! A smile spread across her face as she raced out of the house.

Menawhile, Shelley was continuing her interrogation of Warrington. "An implication may not be a truth, sir," she said, hands now on her hips, "and I would advise that you not mess with me."

"Oh, I'm not here with the intention of 'messing' with anyone," Warrington narrowed his eyes slightly, "Would you like to contact Headmaster Dumbledore to confirm my identity?"

Just as Shelley was about to reply, Emma came bounding out of the house. "Professor Warrington! Miss Flint!" she exclaimed, remembering her manners as she slowed at a walk to the gate and smiled politely. "Shelley? Why haven't you let them in?"

"Out of concern for you," Maya gave Emma a slight smile, "She didn't want to let unwelcome intruders into this place to bother you, and she didn't know who we were. How are you, Emma?"

Shelley was going to protest this, but Emma moved in front of her, slightly pushing her out of the way. "I'm quite adequate. How are the two of you? Would you like to come in?" Emma asked as Shelley huffed.

Warrington gave a glance at the righteously indignant young woman who was standing protectively behind his student, and replied, "If it is determined as acceptable by your... guardian. Otherwise, perhaps it would be best to conclude this discussion outside or something of the sort, perhaps in a public setting where if I were to attempt to commit criminal acts, there would be witnesses."

"That's not necessary," the Ministry worker muttered, pulling her wand from her robes and removing the protective spells from the gate, allowing it to open.

"Thank you," Maya smiled at the other woman, "We won't be here for long." Both she and Warrington followed Emma and the suspicious Ministry employee into the house.

The four sat in the front receiving room, Shelley sitting protectively next to Emma across from the two visitors. "You needn't be so over-bearing," laughed Emma, shaking her head slightly, finding the need to explain the guardian's actions to the two, "She's just...concerned for my sake."

"Understandable," Maya replied easily and politely, "As are we... and Emma, outside of school, I'm sure that you may call us by name. There's no need for the formality."

The girl nodded and Shelley mumured something about making tea, and left quickly, talking to herself. As the door closed behind her, Emma's posture relaxed slightly and she rolled her eyes. "She's insufferable, I swear," she informed Maya.

"I'm sure Cassius wasn't doing much to reassure her that he was, in fact, not a maniacal murderous Death-Eating sort," Maya poked said man in the arm. Cassius merely smirked.

"In any case, have you gotten any information on remaining family?" Warrington asked Emma politely, in a far less snarky and patronizing attitude than he'd used with the much-older Ministry worker.

"Oh, yes," Emma drew a letter from her pocket, the one she had received from the Ministry a week or so prior, "My uncle, he was discharged from the family...around 1976...he lives in America now with his wife. I believe they have children, but in either case, I'm going to stay with them soon."

Warrington skimmed the letter and nodded. "Very well. It is good that you have somewhere to go. You're not of age yet, after all... to be honest, we were a bit concerned." He gave a slight sigh. "So many children from our backgrounds end up brought up by House elves if their parents are gone."

"They all left," Emma said lightly, waving her hand, "my parents gave them clothes prior to their disappearance last spring. I'm assuming they figured after the battle, they wouldn't need House Elves anymore."

Warrington nodded slightly. "I see. Well... 'insufferable' guardians notwithstanding, are you all right? I assume the Ministry has combed this place down and gotten rid of all dangerous artifacts."

"I'm quite well, Prof-Cassius, I assure you. I've been going through everything the Ministry left the past few days - deciding what to keep and what not to, as well as packing for the States," answered Emma. A moment later, she added: "Seamus is going with me."

As opposed to what some overprotective brotherly types might respond, Warrington nodded again. "That's a good thing, in some ways. No matter what your family in the States is, at least he can help ensure you get there safely. To be honest, that makes me feel better. Although..." he glanced at Maya, who continued.

"We figured that you might have relatives away from here," the young woman stated, "If I recall correctly, at various... parties and such with our families, they had mentioned something about 'stamping out disgraceful connections' after the Dark Lord came to power. So..." She reached for her purse. "We wanted to see how you were doing... anything we could do to help, and, in the event that you were moving... wish you Godspeed."

The girl's face lit up visibly at that statement. She had never, in the past, had people who actually cared for her or what she did, but she wasn't finding the experience at all bad. "For that, I thank you," she said sincerely, "Your concern means more to me than you could most probably imagine."

Maya gave her a little smile, "I understand, Emma... and... thank you as well. We also wanted to give you some things, and came as soon as we could... we didn't know when you'd be leaving or anything."

"Things?" Emma perked slightly.

"Not the answer keys to all questions on future Defense tests," Warrington remarked dryly, "Sorry if that disappoints you... but... just some things that might be useful if you're going to a foreign place." He drew what appeared to be a crystal vial filled with small green beads from a pocket, even as Maya drew what looked like a doll's valise, in navy blue with silver trim, out of her purse, evidently something that had been hit with a Shrinking spell.

"And here I was hoping that I wouldn't have to work through the next two years of school," sighed Emma sarcastically, adding a wink for Cassius. "What are these things?"

"This is for protection," Warrington handed the vial to the girl, "In case you find yourself in... a sticky situation, away from your family or your home, you throw one of the green pellets down... and it will form a smoke screen, harmless, but impossible to see through, and before the smoke dissipates, you will be transported to the location of your choice, such as your home."

"Oh, smashing," she remarked, inspecting the gift.

"There are twenty," Warrington told her, "I'm assuming that you won't get into more than twenty scrapes in the space of one summer."

"Thankfully I don't go seeking trouble like some," she said, "and that I think about things before I get into them."

"Good to hear," Maya gave her a slight grin, "And... mine. Well. I should probably return it to normal size." Setting it on the ground and waving her wand at it, she told Emma, "You can put your clothing in it. It is charmed to keep them pressed and clean."

"Oh, brill," Emma breathed, "This'l be terribly useful, as my relatives are Muggle and I can't use magic over there...I don't think I can do everything the Muggle way..."

"Well, you'll be able to use magic in another year, at least in this country," Maya told her, "Although I'm not sure if the laws are the same over there. In any case... we should probably get going before your guardian decides that we've overstayed our welcome and summon the Magical Law Enforcement Squad."

"They wouldn't take her seriously," Emma shook her head, "She tried to call them when I told her I was dating someone two years older than me."

"Probably afraid that he was a Neo Death Eater," Warrington shook his head, "Let me guess... they kept getting up in arms... until they found out that Finnigan was a Gryffindor and not a pureblood."

"Quite a good summary, yes," Emma nodded, "Whoever claims that the Ministry isn't prejudice is a dolt."

"Agreed," Warrington narrowed his eyes somewhat, "Although... it's true that we should get going." Both he and Maya stood up. "Take care of yourself, and don't hesitate to owl... if you need help."

Emma stood and ushered her visitors to the front door. "I won't for a moment," she reassured them, "I'll write as soon as I get to the States."

"Good," Maya reached forward, and gave the younger girl's hands a slight squeeze. "Good luck, Emma."

"Thank you, again," Emma said, hugging Maya and shaking Cassius's hand.

"You're welcome." With a final wave and nod, the two backed away, and walked out of the gate. A moment later, both had Disapparated, and Emma was alone again.

Shelley emerged from the kitchen then, looking quite put out. "Are they gone?" She didn't even wait for Emma's answer before she noticed the gift that Maya had left, stil sitting n the receiving room. "And what is this?!" Her wand was out in just under three seconds, and she eyed it suspiciously.

"What house were you in in Hogwarts?" Emma asked dryly from the doorway, watching the Ministry worker.

"Ravenclaw," she muttered.

"Get your money back," Emma advised, walking forward, picking up the object and walking away before Shelley could realise what had just happened.
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