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June 25, 1998

He looked in the mirror and patted down his stubborn hair with a vengeance. It liked to do that every morning - stick up, that is - and every morning he went through the same routine: get up, yawn, stretch, smack down hair until it stops standing up so much. It took him nearly five minutes to do so this morning, and by the time he had finished, he was more than a bit cross.

Hair wasn't supposed to have a sense of humour!

Kevin finished getting ready (a sour expression on his face) and was walking out the door of his dormitory when something made him stop, his hand frozen on the doorknob. He had forgotten his bag! Laughing at himself, he got on his knees and stuck his arm underneath his bed, searching for it (as that was where it usually liked to hide).

Cursing as he jabbed his finger on something very solid that he wasn't expecting, he pulled his arm back out from underneath the bed. Stuck to it was a small object, which removed and nearly dropped.

It was a picture, not too old, of him and Su.

'Don't YOU look adorable,' a sweet, cheerful voice sounded... perhaps in his mind. 'Pouting up a storm. I think this was the time when I told you that I would not, for any amount of money, put on the evil orange raincoat.'

"The raincoat wasn't evil...technically," he found himself saying aloud, as if half-expecting the voice to have come, "and you look nice in orange. You looked nice in anything..."

'Not orange, not pink, not fuschia...' she ticked off breezily, 'Not lime green, either... although I don't think most people look good in that.'

Kevin laughed slightly. "When did you wear lime green?"

'I never did,' the voice was slightly cross, 'But there was that time that you were trying to hit Steven with the hair-colour charm and he ducked.'

This caused Kevin to smile widely. "You wouldn't speak to me for days...and it wasn't even on purpose!"

'It doesn't matter.' He could almost hear her scowling, 'You still laughed like anything.' But then, before he could start pouting or something of that sort, she giggled slightly. 'I recall getting back at you a few days later. Tickling hex.'

"It wasn't fair!" he protested, "You knew my weakness!"

'Of course I did. I KNOW you.' The half-imagined sensation of a warm arm cuddling him.

"Unlike anyone else," he added, fingering her outline with a sigh.

'You knew ME like no one else did,' she declared in a whisper, 'And... oh, I MISS that... bloody hell, I even miss the whining and pouting!'

"I don't do those things so much anymore," Kevin admitted slowly, "I haven't got much reason..."

'Oh?' the voice was intrigued, 'Why not? Just out of curiosity, of course...'

"Everyone's afraid to joke with me..."

'There haven't been much in the way of jokes around here at all, I daresay,' her voice was somber, 'But that's sad... I want people to joke with you. I want you to be HAPPY...'

"I am happy," he said quietly, "Just happy as I used to be."

'I'm sorry,' her voice was forlorn, the sensation of a tight, comforting hug enveloping him, 'But I WANT you to be happy... because you're my best friend and you always were and I want to see you happy...'

Kevin closed his eyes and tried to envision her smiling face. "I'm happy now."

'Good,' she declared fiercely, 'That's the way it SHOULD be. But... I still miss you, you know... it's no fun without you, even though I can speak again and I don't hurt any more... but I MISS you...'

"There's absolutely nothing fun to do...wherever it is you are?" he asked sadly.

'Let's see...' she started slowly, 'There's no Kevin to noogie, there's no dumplings... and though it's... it's beautiful, and there are flowers and the clouds are soft and white, there's... I still MISS you...' She sighed, before saying in a small voice, 'I didn't WANT to die... there was so much more that I wanted to do...'

"I didn't want you to die," he choked, "I wanted you to stay here with me...I can't...I can hardly do anything without you..."

The almost-imperceptible caress of a kiss on his cheek, and her voice sounded once again, low and gentle. 'I know that you didn't want me to die, love... but what happened, happened... nothing can change that, you know. I'll just be lonely here, but... you must go on living. I'll live, somewhat... in you... always. As long as you remember me. But I can't be WITH you like before, no matter how much both of us hate that.'

Slowly, Kevin nodded, sniffing violently to throw back the tears threatening to fall from his eyes. "We've...I should have accepted it by now.'re now something differen't, and I can never be selfish enough to expect you to come back, no matter what. But your'll always come to me...won't it?"

'Of course,' the voice trembled slightly, 'Always. I promise... and I'd never break a promise to you. I love you too much, you know.'

"I love you, Su."

'I know,' she whispered, 'I wouldn't be here if you didn't. No one else meant as much to me as you did.'

"When I die, will we be together?"

'We're still together, kind of,' she told him, 'And I don't want you to die any time soon. But... yes, we'll be together.'

"I'll be old then," mused Kevin quietly, "will you still be young?"

'When we truly see each other again,' her voice was almost dreamy, 'It will just be like when we first met... we'll both be young and carefree... except we'll know more than we did, then.'

"But it will be good?" he asked, a trace of fear in his tone.

She laughed lightly, 'I'll get to noogie you again. What do YOU think?'

"It'll be Heaven."

'Oh dear, you can't be that desperate for hair attention, can you?' her voice was teasing, quiet.

Kevin smiled sadly. "I can, actually..."

At that, a sigh, slightly wistful. 'Truth to be told, me too. It's just... no fun here, beautiful or what have you though it is... without you. The others... many of them don't even understand why I keep visiting you.'

At that, Kevin perked slightly. "You talk about me there?"

'Sometimes,' Su replied quietly, 'But you do realize... I don't have any friends there nearly as close as you.'

" and I...we were-ARE-special. Our friendship was more than that...I can never hope or expect to find someone like you here. I don't think you can say any different," said Kevin.

Her laugh was just slightly bitter in his mind. 'You're the only one... who would never let me down. You're the only one I can trust... with EVERYTHING.'

"I know." His voice came out as a very faint whisper.

It was now nearly time for classes. If Kevin hurried, he'd probably have about ten minutes to eat something before his first class of the day. 'Kevin, you must go down now... talking to me is all fine and good, but you can't skip class over that.'

"Why not?" he asked, "I...don't want to leave you..."

'Kevin,' her voice was firm, smooth, 'Remember... I'll NEVER leave you. I'll always be there, in your mind... in your heart, if you want me there. But... life goes on, and you have to keep on living. I'll still be right there, watching over you. Don't forget that, okay?'

Kevin knew, in the depths of his soul, that every word she spoke was true. "I won't. Ever. I....I'll talk to you later. Alright?"

'All right,' a partially-felt hug and kiss on the cheek, 'Go to class, Kevin.'

"Yes, mother."

'Remind me to tickle you when I next see you,' she retorted. 'I'll talk to you later.'

"I love you," Kevin whispered. He only sat there a moment before placing the photograph in his bag and standing. One look around the room and a sad sigh later, he was on his way down to the Great Hall, every part of his brain thinking of Su. And he wondered how she was truly doing without him.

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