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July 8, 1998

Voices echoing a Southern drawl bounced off the walls of the Floo Station in Louisville, Kentucky, as the young British couple stepped into the arrival area. The girl paused, looking around her, in a state of culture shock. Southeast America, in comparison with Great Britain was so much…louder, and faster. The wizards and witches walking by seemed only a blur, and Emma had to reach out to take Seamus’s hand for support. No one seemed to notice the two, looking rather travelled and quite confused.

Luckily enough, an older man, closely resembling the departed Mikel Dobbs (though his hair was cut short and quite grey), stepped out from the crowd and politely inquired if the girl was, indeed, his niece. Emma nodded and promptly threw her arms around his neck, laughing lightly. She stepped back and admired him, from his brightly adorned tie to his black penny loafers.

Marius Dobbs gave the young girl an indulgent smile, and patted her on the shoulder. "Well, well... if it isn't my lovely niece Emma. You're looking rather well." Truth be told, he hadn't expected a daughter of his autocratic, cold-hearted brother to be so... full of life, especially if the rumours of the fighting that had recently gone on in England were true. "I'm glad to finally meet you."

“The sentiments are returned in full, Uncle Marius,” Emma replied. She hadn’t known what to expect of her uncle, but after being with him for only a few minutes, she liked him. Unlike the family she had grown up with, he was…open, friendly, real. Though the bright yellow bird and black and white cat on his tie offset her slightly, she was looking forward to meeting the rest of her extended family.

Marius looked with a hint of confusion at the fair-haired young man who stood slightly behind his niece, carrying her luggage for her. "Who's that with you, Emma?"

Her head swivelled around at the question, and she blushed slightly. “Uncle Marius, this is my…well, this is my boyfriend, Seamus. Finnigan. Seamus, this is my Uncle Marius.” Her companion smiled and set down a bag, offering his hand to her uncle.

Marius Dobbs gave the lad a long, appraising look, taking in the almost unconscious way he had an arm protectively around his niece even as he proffered a hand. Finally, he gave a slight, civil smile. "Nice to meet you, young man."

“I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, as well, sir,” Seamus replied, his heavy Irish accent seeping through and causing him to bit his lip from the feeling of awkwardness that momentarily swept over him. He notice the look her uncle was giving the couple and he quickly added, “I’m only a travelling companion…I’ll be returning home in two days.”

Marius nodded slowly. "That's all right... I suppose you came to see her here safely, then."

At Seamus' nod, he grinned, and turned back to his niece. "Well, let's go then. Your aunt and cousins are waiting for us outside the Muggle-repellent barrier."

Seamus picked up Emma's luggage once more, and followed his girlfriend and his girlfriend's uncle out.

Whatever Emma had mentally told herself her cousins would look like, whatever wild fantasy she had come up with, could not compare to the teenaged twins her uncle introduced her too. They were so…they weren’t anything like any teenager Emma had ever met. To say the two girls were a mixture of Pansy Parkinson and Lavender Brown would only slightly describe them, and Emma suddenly felt her legs stop working, as her walking slowed to a halt, and Seamus nearly ran into her from behind.

The blonde one caught sight of her father and new cousin, along with a positively delicious sandy-haired fellow trailing behind them, and let out a squeal. "Are you Emma?!" her voice was extremely fast, "You're from England?! That's... like... just so COOOL! I'm Britney, and this here is Christi--"

"Ravenna," the one with several silver piercings in her face and dead black hair said curtly in a sullen voice. "Do NOT call me Christina."

Emma took a few steps backward, suffering from both culture shock and extreme surprise at her cousins’ appearances and vocabulary. “I…Emma…am Emma,” she managed to stutter, offering a polite hand as she was accustomed to. “I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, Britney and…is it Ravenna or Christina?”

Marius gave his astounded niece an explanation. "Originally named Christina, but she seems to have come to dislike that name. Girls, this is Emma."

Christina/Ravenna sullenly shook Emma's hand without a word, then pulled back, adjusting one of her earrings.

Britney stared at Emma's hand for a moment, then gave it a quick shake and giggled again. "Who's the hottie, Ems?"

“Ems? No, it’s Emma. Em-ma,” the English girl replied, talking as slowly as she was convinced that her blonde cousin’s brain seemed to function. “And…sorry…hottie? That would be a…what?”

"HIM!" Britney squealed again, pointing at Seamus, who was looking at her with an extremely odd expression.

"Er, hi," the boy said awkwardly, "I'm Seamus Finnigan. Emma's boyfr---"

"YOU HAVE THE CUTEST ACCENT!! OH MY GAWD!" Britney squeed and gave him a huge grin, "It's... like, just like Heath Ledger!"

“Heath Ledger is Australian, imbecile,” Christina/Ravenna muttered, rolling her eyes at her sister.

“Seamus is from Ireland,” Emma added, nodding in her dark-haired cousin’s direction, “He’s travelling with me.”

Marius cleared his throat as a woman with light brown hair made her way towards them. "Emma, this is my wife Linda. Girls... let's get going."

“It’s nice to meet you, Aunt Linda,” said Emma, silently thanking her uncle for stopping Britney’s eye-rape of her boyfriend.

Seamus smiled at the woman, and as they made their way out of the portkey station hidden within the Muggle airport, Linda started a warm, welcoming bout of chatter, asking Emma about school, how things were in England, and if she needed anything here while staying with them.

Emma answered the questions as quickly and proficiently as she could, all the while keeping her eyes glued on Britney, whose eye’s, in turn, were glued on Seamus. Honestly, she didn’t want to spend her entire summer holiday with a Muggle, American Lavender Brown. Seamus found himself blushing under Britney’s gaze and kept his eyes on the ground, thoughts on Emma.

"Well, sweetie," Linda smiled at her niece and gave a slight glare at her daughter, "It's probably going to be really different from what you're used to, but we're glad to have you." She pressed a little button on a black square attached to a key chain. "The van's over there. Let's go home."


Linda pointed at a large red object with wheels, and Marius started to explain. "It's what Muggles travel in. Automobiles... they have engines, kind of like the Hogwarts Express, but... well, as you can see, it's smaller. You just come in and sit down, and we'll take you to our home."

As her parents took the luggage from Seamus, Britney grabbed his now-free hand and began to pull him into the van. “You can sit next to me, Shay-mus,” she giggled, “I don’t bite.”

Seamus edged away from the girl with a wary expression on his face. "Er, it's all right... why don't you... ah... sit with your sister?"

"Brit, you bitch, don't mack on your cousin's boy, she's Wiccan and might hex your ass off."

"Chrissy, watch your language!" Linda said sharply, "Britney, be polite."

"Don't call me Chrissy."

Emma began to politely inform them that she wasn’t allowed to do magic outside of school, but her ‘evil Slytherin senses’ kicked in, and she decided against it. “I know lots of hexes,” she told Britney quietly as she climbed into the van, Seamus at her side. Oh, this was going to be a fun holiday, indeed.
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